Afro x Naut

“[common sense says]...No government is allowed to adopt, borrow, or steal subconscious symbols, or create a phonetic science to prove them.“


 Infinium 45 : Zee the Band of Steel


(Ikonoklast Panzerism) RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ

Afro x Naut [af-roh-nawt] is the product of soul searching through the anomalies of black identity and Afro-Futurism. Afro-futurism is a way of being and a way of thinking. It centers on the relationship between alien abduction and the abduction of black people into slavery.Forced displacement.

It aligns the black experience with that of futuristic beings; thus the jump between the past and the future. A new Black consciousness. In the 1996 documentary by John Akomfrah The Last Angel of History, he dissects this movement through the eyes of a 'Data Thief' that narrates the history of this culture. In the most notable monologue the 'Data Thief' says,

"It's after the end of the world, don't you know that?"

Afro x Naut adopts, borrows, and steals subconscious and conscious symbols of blackness. It is our past and our future. Pyramids and Spaceships. It seeks to recognize and uplift the manifold, fractured, beautiful black self.


"Any masterpiece --- that has a crack in its [outlined] structure techniques according to Panzerism technique has been red upon and hit(!), evidence is cracks̶  a factual damage symbol in anything that deals with art."


over 500 souls served.


+ Swan Day Chicago

Apr // 2018

+ Washington Park Arts Festival

Apr // 2018

+ Arts + Public Life Vends and Vibes Marketplace

Dec // 2017

+ Hyde Park Handmade Art Bazaar

Aug // 2017

+ Stony Island Summer Makers Market

July // 2017

+ Swan Day Chicago

Apr // 2017

+ Ain't No Mothership: An Expedition of She

May // 2016

+ Sights and Sounds of the Cityscape: A Chicago Showcase Jan // 2016

+ Arts + Public Life Vends and Vibes Marketplace

Dec // 2015

+ SAIC The Walk 2013 . Chicago

+ SAIC The Walk 2012 . Chicago

+ NU_ Fashion

   Red Fish Factory - Antwerp . Belgium

   June // 2012

Purveyors of moving through paradigm shifts in new physical form.



octavia butler. tomi adeyemi. john akomfrah. erika alexander. 


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